Call of Duty Warzone – The Next Fortnite?

Call of Duty Warzone

Electronic Sports (EA) and Respawn Entertainment surprised gamers upon releasing Apex Legends early last year. Also, many people talked about battle royale or BR last year. Activision seemed to want to keep up and released Call of Duty Warzone. Even though we’ve seen this coming, we felt surprised. This game is way more improved than Blackout. Can Call of Duty Warzone possibly be the next Fortnite? Continue reading to find out.

I felt a lot of different emotions which I didn’t get to experience in other games of the same genre when I won in Warzone for the first time. I felt like running extremely fast then suddenly, crashing into an unhidden barrier whenever I died.

We were killed by the enemies and got dispatched at Gulag after we won a couple of fights at a TV station. Nevertheless, we were back in the game after we succeeded in individual fights. We moved in the dark. When we were able to have money, we availed custom loadouts. I chose my true and tested M4A1 kitted that has a suite full of attachments. I was able to make 9 squad kills. Call of Duty: Warzone can be considered a competition in my opinion. It provides a lot of enjoyment for me. It is my go-to game when I want to see a kill fest.

Another thing I liked about Warzone is looting. Usually, in battle royale, I have to spend a good amount of time navigating a lot of menus before I can locate the ammunition, attachments, or weapons I need to be battle-ready. This is not how this game works. You don’t have a bag and an almost non-existing inventory area which makes it less complicated.

Battle Preparation

Finding items you need to fight such as protective armor or weapons is uncomplicated when you play Warzone. The weapons can be seen in attachments that have been set. Uncommon weapons have a special attachment, but for the common ones, there is none. This feature makes me enjoy the game itself more. I didn’t need to tinker the grips and optics nor look at the ground. 

I can’t emphasize more on how much looting has decreased. When you have a loadout, you will arrive at this game’s looting area in a couple of minutes. This has made my perspective in playing BR change. I can now concentrate on the fights which are also the highlight of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

The ballistic design of Modern Warfare resonates in wide areas. It is nifty considering the fact that I haven’t explored the Ground War 64-player mode. If you look closely, you can feel the instantaneous reaction from the hitscan because the ammunition darts swiftly.  You ought to begin taking into account the number of dropped and swayed bullets after a couple of meters. Despite the game chain’s foundation on extremely short killing time and fragility, the contrast between Battlefield and Call of Duty is seen in Warzone.

In terms of shooting, I personally prefer Call of Duty because it is more lethal compared with the firefights in Apex Legends. Respawn has a layered armory which causes some scenes to be biased.

Compared to others, playing Warzone is less complicated. Health bar and armor shields regenerate normally for all the players. The killing time remains constant because very rare super armor is not available. 1 or two shots in the head are usually what you need to kill someone. What makes it different from Apex is that abandoning below par armory can create a balance between health and damage from weapons.  You can regain your health faster though you die more quickly.

Call of Duty Warzone Multiplayer Gameplay
Call of Duty Warzone Multiplayer Gameplay

Although dying happens faster in Warzone, it is compensated by the ease of getting your teammates back in the field. Aside from reviving your life in the Gulag from defeating enemies in a duel, you can buy your squad members a respawn from the station that you can locate from the map. In terms of this kind of game, Gulag is almost similar to the purgatory. It may seem like a gimmick the first time, but Gulag gives you the feeling that is classic in Call of Duty series.

Call of Duty Warzone - Gulag
Call of Duty Warzone – Gulag

The fights in Gulag have the same set of rules as the ones in Modern Warfare. The loadouts that are mirrored and random and the gunfight mode make it excellent. I enjoy the emotion I get when I have another chance from a grueling duel. As a result, getting back in the duel is easier. Because of the Gulag, I’m more motivated to be riskier. I also feel less frustrated when I die fast in battles. Regeneration happens frequently, so there is a domino effect on a large number of survivors when the match ends. As a result, the last rounds are explosive, but I felt dismayed after seeing that I only got a low rank even after I survived the final rounds.

The Call of Duty War Zone

In a battle royale type of game, its map is indeed vital. Verdansk, which is the earliest and sole map of Warzone, shows an enormous valley with compact industrial districts and city centers. 150 players can fit easily on this map. You might assume that there are a lot of snipers hiding behind bushes here. However, Verdansk is very compact with infrastructures. The play is in the short to middle range. In my case, I played the firefights similar to other Call of Duty matches. I didn’t get assigned to a remote area which I prefer.

Every area in the map is a possible starting place since the loot curve in Warzone is a straight line. You have the option to raid and attack Atlas Superstores to get crates or just wander around the vast farm area and have the same amount of supplies. In Apex Legends, it’s different. When one engages in matches, the team who can make a timely landing on the most perilous areas and to get the best equipment are in favor.  This is one of the best aspects that I like in Warzone. They’ve lessened the feeling of pressure to loot.

Call of Duty Warzone Map

The movement pairs and the rapid pair in Modern Warfare are a perfect match to a map with numerous windows and walls. Though the aeronautics such as the ziplines and wall climbing in Apex Legends are not as good, the movements in Call of Duty outshines it.  These movements are smooth. It would make you think that you’re drifting a little off from the ground. The small details like the skydiving at the start of a match is much more entertaining. You can do absurd movements in your parachute because you are automatically equipped with a gun at the start of the game.

The Advancement of Battle Royale

The chances of looting are a key to progress in a game genre like BR. However, an in-game economy is how Warzone sets itself apart from others. Completing side activities that are generated randomly with teammates and accomplishing contracts are the quickest ways to reach your target loadout and earn lots of cash. These contracts are categorized into three and can be carried out like an objective. They are not mandatory. Nevertheless, it will make the gameplay more fun and worthy. Instead of being in the defensive inside a building and playing the waiting game, Warzone also motivates players to be alert all the time.

A lot has been derived by Warzone from Call of Duty that helped advance BR. However, Warzone’s killstreaks are one of its drawbacks. Killstreaks lessen the stress of winning a match. These can be bought at a low price in the game. The worst culprit is the UAV because it gives the precise location of enemies around the block. To counter one, you can gear yourself up with the Ghost Perk. It was hard for me to give this up to hide my location.

Precision Airstrike and Cluster Strike killstreaks can be used to eliminate an entire squad of the enemy out of your way. This is good if you want to stream your game and upload it on YouTube. The idea of wiping enemies from above ground is nice. It gets ridiculously challenging once the area becomes narrow.

Once a match only has the last 5 teams without cover and placed in a small circle, all the players can aggressively release airstrikes to get kills. The overpowering killstreaks are something not new to Warzone since it has been a feature of every game in the Call of Duty series. The field upgrades are the interesting add-ons which can also be seen in Modern Warfare. Although they have less power, these gadgets are more fun. They let you do critical thinking as well. Some of these are grenade blockers, drones, and ammunition boxes.

The main theme of the package for Warzone is battle royale. Yet, another mode is offered different from the battle royale genre. The looting happens on Verdansk map. However, no Gulag, infinite and free respawns and the circle. The main objective is to earn a lot of money by completing contracts and killing other players. Imagine playing Escape from Tarkov or PvP Dark Zone mode from The Division.

This mode is more casual compared to the normal mode of battle royale games. It is a great reliever when you feel tense playing since you can aimlessly move in the ground. You can choose to improve your weapons, drive your ATV onto ramps or just practice shooting.

Finally, it is safe to say that Warzone breaks out from the sameness of the battle royale genre. As I’ve mentioned, the inventory and looting are the issues I have with battle royale games. Warzone was able to resolve these. The amount of armory you have is not used to determine your victory. Your shooting skills and accurate positioning makes you a victor. An improvement they can work on is the less complex and shallow loot landscape since it makes the game less interesting. Hopefully, Warzone continuously gets updated like Modern Warfare which has been updated many times since its release in the past year so that it can keep up with Fortnite and Apex Legends.

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